Winter Solar Reel and Blanket Cover - 16ft

Winter Solar Reel and Blanket Cover - 16ft

Price: 40.49 $

Winter Solar Reel and Blanket Cover - 16ft

STOP DRAGGING YOUR SOLAR REEL INSIDE FOR THE WINTER!Dont bother with dragging your solar reel inside for the winter. Now you can leave it at poolside. Protect it with this durable cover! Leave your reel poolside and protected with this durable protective cover. This popular waterproof cover zips tight around your solar blanket while it is still on the reel. Drawstrings and straps at both ends to seal out rain, snow, ice and even damaging sunshine during the winter months. Fits all reels.Warranty: 90 Day Warranty

Last Updated: 2018-02-28 10:35:03.461

Category: Solar Blankets & Reels

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