12 Mil Pool Solar Blanket - 16ft x 24ft Oval

12 Mil Pool Solar Blanket - 16ft x 24ft Oval

Price: 89.99 $

12 Mil Pool Solar Blanket - 16ft x 24ft Oval

16x24 ft Oval 12 Mil Blue Solar Blanket Captures Sun?s Heat to Warm Your PoolSolar pool blanket is an environmentally friendly and most economical way to heat your pool waterRaises your pool temperature by up to 15 degrees(F)Solar cover insulates pool water to retain more warmth for longerPrevents water evaporation and pool chemical lossSaves you money on pool chemical costs and time on pool maintenanceLengthens your swimming season in the spring and fallSwim more comfortably earlier and later in the dayCan be used along with a pool heater7 Year manufacturer?s warranty

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Category: Solar Blankets & Reels

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