Hayward Perflex EC65 DE Pool Filter

Hayward Perflex EC65 DE Pool Filter

Price: 557.99 $

Hayward Perflex EC65 DE Pool Filter

A D.E. POOL FILTER IS ALMOST TWICE AS EFFICIENT AS A SAND FILTER! Self cleaning systems Self-venting technology that removes air from the filtration system Hayward EC65 and EC75 pool filters have combination pressure gauge and inspection port Extra durable filter tank to prevent corrosion D.E. Filters remove even the most minute dirt particles that normally pass through sand -- it even removes dust and pollen! The exclusive Perflex "Bump" system gives you long filter cycles between backwashing. Simply "bump" the handle to redistribute D.E. and you are ready to continue filtering. Backwashing is reduced and D.E. is recycled, saving hundreds of gallons of pool water and saving you time and hassle. Both the EC65 and EC75 pool filter systems include a corrosion-proof 1-HP Hayward Super Pump and a rust-proof poly base. Pump is convertible, 110 or 220 and U.L. Listed. Must be hard wired. 1 Year WarrantyFILTER SIZING GUIDEEC-65 Pool Filter = Maximum pool size 25,920 gallons (based on 8-hour turnover rate)6 lbs. D.E. required (not included)EC-75 Pool Filter = Maximum pool size 38,400 gallons (based on 8-hour turnover rate)7 lbs. D.E. required (not included.)

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