Pro-Strength 3-Way Aluminum Pool Telepole 7ft to 21ft

Pro-Strength 3-Way Aluminum Pool Telepole 7ft to 21ft

Price: 42.29 $

Pro-Strength 3-Way Aluminum Pool Telepole 7ft to 21ft

Have the Power You Need Where You Need It with the Hammer Head Resort 30 Portable Commercial Pool Vacuum. Portable commercial pool vacuum can handle nearly any situation or job, from huge lap pools to commercial and public pools and even lazy rivers. Huge pool cleaning power comes in a compact package. Plug it in to an outlet or use the optional battery (sold separately) for quick spot cleaning. Hammer Head Resort 30 can be easily stored in a closet or equipment room, ready to use immediately. Easier than average lawnmower to operate; makes for quick staff training. Cuts cleaning time by up to 50% per pool, increasing overall profitability. Hammer Head Resort-30 is the popular choice of YMCA, U.S. military, hotels, condos, resorts, and water park pool managers.

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Category: Skimmers & Cleaning Equipment

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