X-Tra Pool Polishing Bag - 18in x 30in

X-Tra Pool Polishing Bag - 18in x 30in

Price: 54.89 $

X-Tra Pool Polishing Bag - 18in x 30in

Introducing Slime Bag! A revolutionary way to fill, vacuum and filter your pool while reusing your water! The Slime Bag? features a unique combination of material that allows it to filter particles as small as 1 micron, while returning the clean water to your pool, allowing you completely clean your pool without dumping water and money down the drain. They?re perfect for ponds and fountains too! And we offer a Slime Bag? for every application: The Slime Bag? for filling pools, ponds & fountains The Polishing Bag? for fine dirt, algae and debris The X-Tra Polishing/Vacuum Bag? for vacuuming The Backwash & D.E. Removal Bag

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Category: Skimmers & Cleaning Equipment

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